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On a quest to expand my development skills and talk about it, my blog will cover the books I read, projects I hack on the side, and the work-related projects I can openly talk about.

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I enjoy writing both front-end and back-end code. Most of my experience is with Django / Python and Javascript / Backbone / AngularJS. I'm currently working on expanding my knowledge of Go.


I've created my own web designs, templates, and UI through front-end code and Illustrator on my side projects. I'm currently working on a better understanding of the world of design.

User Experience

From user testing, analytics, and designing for an emotional response, there's a lot to take into account when designing user workflows. I'm learning as much as I can from my experienced co-workers to use in my own development.

Projects I've contributed to

All public code can be found in my github repository.



To showcase work and drive more online business, this project was a front-facing website and back-end administration panel for a makeup artist in Toronto. It was built with a focus on making the day-to-day management easy for a non-techincal individual. The back-end was was written in Django and front-end using Jade, SASS, Javascipt and Grunt.

Wave Apps

For my professional experience year at the University of Toronto, I've had the privilege of working as a developer at Wave. As a part of the Foundation team, I dedicate my days to fixing, improving and upgrading the core accounting product.

Academic Projects

Currently in my 5th year as the University of Toronto, I major in Genetics. After taking some programming electives, I added a specialty in Computer Science.

Pandemic JS

Pandemic Js is an attempt to port the board game into NodeJs and AngularJs. A project I forked on Github, I began working on it by refactoring some of the core turn mechanics and by adding some of the missing features. I have a plan to do more refactoring to make the application more modular before adding additional features.

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