A place to showcase Orly's work in the bridal makeup industry.

The Project

To develop a responsive website that showcases an artist's work, increase online lead generation, and is easy for the artist to maintain. The website was designed to be both day-to-day manageable by Orly and easy to update by myself or another developer. Visit Orly's website.


Home Page

The home page was designed to clearly show Orly's talent, what previous clients are saying about her, and an easy way to get in touch with her. There is an obvious bright blue call to action, as well as two testimonials to establish trust with potential new clients.


The admin was skinned using Django-Grappelli and built to be powerful, yet easy enough for Orly to maintain and update. In the portfolio section of the admin, the images can be rearranged easily by dragging and dropping. For her images, thumbnails are generated automatically when uploaded. The uploaded thumbnails are then concatenated to create a thumbnail sprite for each section. In the reviews section, there is an active field to allow Orly to turn reviews on and off.



The portfolio was created using two Javascript plugins that place the images into stacked columns and to turn those images into a clickable gallery that can be easily navigated on a desktop or mobile device. The Masonry plugin was used to place the images into either 1, 2, or 3 columns depending on the screen size, ensuring an always polished gallery structure. The Blueimp Gallery was used to create the gallery lighbox that is active for mouse, keyboard and touch controls.


The testimonials were designed to stand out against the white background and include circular photos for the brides who provided a professional image. The testimonials are arranged from shortest to longest in content. This allows potential clients easy browsing of reviews and information discovery.


The purpose of this page is to show potential clients Orly's personality, background, and awards.The page is balanced to show her awards and mentions without taking the focus away from Orly.


The contact form was made using a simple bootstrap template and Javascript, snipped to send the POST to a Django Rest Framework endpoint that validates the input and responds with either a 402 or a 200. In the event of a 200, the form information is emailed directly to Orly and the form is replaced with a thank you message.

Grunt & Bower

A Gruntfile was used to turn the easy to write SASS and Jade into Django templates and CSS files. The Gruntfile was also used to bower install all the front-end requirements and turn them into a single Javascript and a single CSS file.


Each page has been tested on several resolutions to ensure it is both functional and professional looking.


Using Google Analytics to track user behaviour flows, as well as user testing, the site was optimized for ease of use to help potential clients find examples of Orly's work, testimonials, and an easy way to contact her.