Pandemic Js

The boardgame ported into NodeJs and AngularJs.

Work To Be Done

When I forked this repository, there was a lot of work left to do. I've only recently began and I've decided upon a plan of action.


The main method which runs the game is not only long, but also uses a lot of global variables in order to run the game. Ideally, I'd like to refactor this method into smaller functions which act only on local objects passed to them. I've already began refactoring and linting the file.


The game already has a fair number of tests written for the existing code base. As I develop features, I've been writing tests on those features to ensure the code remains well tested. I've also added Travis CI to the repository so that every pull request I create will only be merged if the tests are passing. I've already linted and added some tests to the file as well as fixed a few tests which were broken when I checked out the repository.


The front-end of the game is mostly done, although it could use a design touchup as well as some additional features to make playing the game quicker and easier. I've done minor front-end work so far, focusing more on the back-end. I have added a fair amount of front-end validation to avoid making knowling bad requests to the server.


There exists a html canvas where the map is being drawn as well as updated by the various moved a player can make. I'd like to improve upon the existing graphics to make the game visually more enjoyable.

Open Source

Forking an open source project in order to contribute to it.

New Frameworks

Learning about NodeJs and event driven server development.


Designing an easy to use and clean looking interface for the game.