Academic Projects

All of the University of Toronto projects I've uploaded to Github.

Class-related Projects

Throughout my time at the University of Toronto, I've developed programs and code snippets.

Gathering Class Information Github

A schedule generation website Java program I began as part of a group project. Unfortunately, the project was scrapped when another team released a similar idea to ours. The code in the repository was written to scrape university web pages for course information.

Maze Solver Github

A Python program that takes in rectangular ASCII mazes and solves them, if a solution is possible. The program uses a recursive depth first search algorithmic approach to try to solve the maze.

Tree Rotation Game Github

A Python game game where the user has to navigate a tree and rotate its branches to match a target tree.

Battleship Github

A Python version of the game Battleship with a text based GUI and AI that randomly chooses squares to attack.

Java Shell Github

A shell written in Java which includes basic terminal functionality. It was written collaboratively with three other students.

HTML Grade Database Github

A bash script for generating an HTML page used in browsergateway to store and modify a grade database.

YAK Github

The Yak program allows users to whisper messages to random users they are connected to until they reach a limit or they reach the original sender. This allows users to discover each other and connect from a linear linked list type arrangement to a mesh like network.

Find Primes & Randbyte Github

Finds Primes finds all prime numbers up to a given bound using the "Sieve of Eratosthenes" algorithm using a given number of children. These children are assignment numbers to use by the parent process through pipes and are checked to ensure they do not overstep their position in the algorithm.

Randbyte prints a single random byte (character) of one or more files.

C Implementation Github

A basic implementation of the find, which, and uniq functions for basic input.

Scheme Programs Github

Various programs written in Scheme as part of a course teaching us about different types of languages.

Prolog Programs Github

Various programs written in Prolog as part of a course teaching us about different types of languages.

SQL in Java Github

SQL queries written in pSQL as well as Java code written using a driver to query and update the database.

XML & DTD Github

An assignment involving the creation of DTD and XML files as well as querying those files using xquery.

Stats Assignments Github

Several stats assignments written in R, including a parking lot simulation and a game of Snakes and Ladders.

Team Work

Working collaboratively is often part of the requirements in a project. I've worked in groups of various sizes, in person or using several types of collaboration software.


Gained experience with various programming languages and styles of writing code.

Time Management

Working in a demanding deadline-based environment, while attending various classes, has increased my ability to manage my time efficiently.